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Nourish & Reset Your Body & Mind

I specialize in private gentle Yoga sessions designed for holistic wellness, relaxation, anxiety and stress relief. Styles of Yoga currently offered for beginners:

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Chair Yoga

  • Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow


Gentle Yoga can be beneficial for people who are going through major life transitions, those with daily stressors, those recovering from injuries or illnesses, people in need of deep relaxation and rest or anyone else who wishes to practice. 

My private gentle yoga sessions are ideal for individuals who desire a more one-on-one and customized approach to fit their needs, schedule and lifestyle. 

A private Yoga session offers my clients a safe space to practice proper yoga form while accessing deeper states of healing, calm and relaxation without the distraction of noise and crowdedness most common to the typical yoga studio.

Your personalized, private Yoga program takes place virtually (online) or in a designated public space with an appointment that fits your schedule.

To learn more about Gentle Yoga as a holistic wellness practice, schedule a free consultation with me today!

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

Benefits of Private Gentle Yoga

  • -Helps the body and mind deeply relax 

  • -Helps the body release stress and tension

  • -Decreases cortisol, the stress hormone

  • -Improves sleep, digestion and immunity

  • -Releases tension in joints and muscles

  • -Benefit from full and deep stretches

  • -Enhances flexibility

  • -Teaches conscious control of relaxation

  • -Increases concentration and improves focus

  • -Creates balance within nervous system

  • -Activates relaxation response

  • -Gateway to mindfulness

  • -Helps heal emotional pain

  • -Enhances mood state

  • -May reduce depression and anxiety

  • -Enhances self compassion and awareness

  • -Eases perimenopausal- menopausal symptoms

  • -Balances the energy centers

  • -Increases capacity for total mind, body, spirit healing

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Total Body Relaxation and Release with Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is designed to encourage complete relaxation and to help you completely let go of any tension or resistance in the body and mind and find some well deserved (and much needed) rest.


Restorative Yoga helps activate the body’s relaxation response and brings total relaxation and surrender to the body. Unlike other active or power flow Yoga classes, in a Restorative Yoga practice, the body feels completely supported by props which enables opening, softening and a release of tension, trauma and stress that the body holds.

Restorative Yoga is a slow, meditative, passive, and gentle practice where the body is totally supported by props. Common props are bolters, blankets, straps, block, sandbags, eye pillows, walls and chairs. Poses are held for 5-20 minutes, allowing the body to completely relax in the pose.

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