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Holistic-Integrative Wellness and Mindfulness Practitioner

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Dr. Knight has been a wellness leader for more than 20 years as a holistic registered nurse and academic professor. Her Doctorate education and professional practice includes traditional and nonconventional healing modalities including the ancient sciences of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and energy healing. She focuses on redefining the health of the whole-being in mind, body and spirit and challenges her clients to walk the path of self discovery, spiritual growth, and personal transformation, With certifications in professional and spiritual life coaching, holistic stress management, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy-coaching (CBT-CBC), she draws on the knowledge of the healing arts, behavioral neuroscience, and human psychology. 

Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD, RN, MSN, CNE, RYT

Founder and Owner, Holistic-Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Certifications and Education



  • S.C Board of Nurse License- Active Registered Nurse (RN) license- 20 years of holistic-integrative healthcare experience, Privilege To Practice: SC and Multi-State

  • ​Doctorate-PHD in Nursing (Interdisciplinary Health, Leadership and Nursing Education)

  • University Professor of Nursing- National League of Nursing- (Certified Nurse Educator)

  • Integrative Nurse Specialization (University of Minnesota) with Acupressure, Clinical Aromatherapy, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery Training)



  • Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Therapeutic Art Coach, Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Holistic Stress Management Coach (Transformation Academy)

  • Stress Management, Meditation and Spiritual Counseling Continuing Education Training (American Institute of Health Care Professionals)

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner

Whole Person Approach

My purpose is to guide and empower women to begin healing from the inside-out while learning to regulate her emotions in healthy and mindful ways. I teach my clients natural ways to calm the nervous system for total wellbeing! 

I focus on "Caring For You as a Whole Person"!  — taking into account that physical, mental, intellectual, environmental, financial, spiritual, emotional and social factors can affect your overall health and wellness.


A holistic wellness plan can be customized for your unique needs and may include:


  • Comprehensive Integrative Health Assessments, Screenings and Evaluations

  • Private and Group Holistic-Integrative Wellness, Stress and Mindfulness Coaching

  • Meditation Coaching

  • ​Reiki Therapy and Energy healing

  • Reiki Self-Healing Trainings and Certifications

  • Private and Group Virtual Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga or Gentle Hatha Yoga Sessions

  • Self-Acupressure

  • Sound Healing and Biofield-Tuning

  • Aromatherapy and Essential oils

  • Meditative-Therapeutic Art Coaching and More!


Here are some of the perks I provide with my services:

  • Expert RN Consulting, Coaching and Education for the workplace, community or individuals.

  • Private and Group Coaching and Workshops for Women

  • Supportive and Calming Therapeutic Integrative Modalities (meditation, mindfulness, gentle Yoga, breathwork, guided imagery, energy healing, Reiki, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, acupressure, therapeutic art, sound healing etc.)

  • Healthcare Provider Collaboration

  • Discounted Access to Featured Online Courses, Signature Programs, Group Coaching Circles and Community Workshops

  • Free Resources, PDF Downloads

  • Telehealth services, Virtual Zoom, Facetime, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Phone Calls and Email Sessions

  • and more!

New Client Intake Form

If you are interested in an holistic- integrative therapy or wellness coaching please take a moment to complete an intake form. 

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