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Loving energy is all around you. Within you is the power to shift how you feel about yourself, including feelings of love, happiness, worthiness, pain, sorrow and even self-worth. I hope this meditation inspires you in a little way that brings peace to your day and for you to know that you are loved beyond measure and a greater access to self-love is ready for you to embrace. No matter what practice you try, spending time focused on yourself is an act of self-love that can help you recalibrate your energy and your heart, bringing about a sense of calm and inner peace.


What do you desire or want in your life? Keep in mind your highest good will always come to fruition in its own perfect timing.  Feel your intention in your body; as the feeling mode increases the power of manifestation. Every time we do a visualization, we are planting a seed. Visualization is a powerful tool to shape your present and future goals. So, truly ask for what you desire or want in your life and feel it as it's already happening!

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Emotions are an inseparable part of our healing journey and it is often the ego/inner critic that seeks to protect us. As you begin releasing limiting beliefs, you will begin integrating new waves of vibrating energy. As this energy expands, your awareness and your inner radiance, joy and happiness expands!

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Life can be challenging, however when we allow ourselves to slow down and just be present , we begin to see clearly the depths of our inner-wisdom. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, on purpose and without judgement, to what goes on in the present moment in your body, thoughts, emotions and external environment. It involves intentionally stepping out of ‘automatic pilot mode’ to be present with yourself so that you come to a deeper awareness of how best to support yourself and what you need from moment to moment.

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We are all born with the ability to move out stress and suffering and replace negative thoughts with healing light and more positive energy for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. The quality and quantity of your inner-peace is important to live fully within your true essence and Divine purpose. Spend a little time connecting to your breath and body today. Devote time for self-healing by cultivating a deeper awareness of what you need for yourself from moment to moment.

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In this 20-minute inner wisdom guided meditation, I will invite you to open up to the infinite wisdom within to help guide you with the answers you seek! Reflect upon your thoughts, your emotions and perhaps where you’re holding onto worry, anxiety or a lack of clarity. Allow your body to soften, your mind to be clear and your heart to open. Find a comfortable and intimate space to reflect and allow your intuition and inner guidance to naturally flow. Release any resistance to feeling your emotions. 

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Click the title or image below to download your free guided meditation!

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