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Holistic & Integrative Wellness Consulting

Chronic diseases affect nearly 1 in 2 US adults. Modern medicine alone is insufficient to address the complexity of healing the whole person. This is where Holistic and Integrative Health and Wellness Consulting Education and Consulting comes in. As Nurse Consultants we use our clinical background and education to provide medical information and medical expertise to businesses, health organizations, healthcare providers and to clients and their families. 


As a Nurse Consultant, we will serve as a subject matter expert (SME) in the arena of disease prevention and holistic & integrative health and wellness education. We provide other health professionals, corporations and the community with resources on holistic healthcare-related issues and disease prevention including presenting at workshops, health fairs, community events, seminars, in-service education sessions, and one-on-one expert health education with clients.


We team up with individuals, organizations and community groups to raise awareness of the need for enhancement in the use of holistic and complementary alternative therapies to augment that of modern medicine.  We are not attempting to discount modern medicine as this is very necessary for the health needs of consumers, however our goal is to educate the public and our communities on the vastness and proven-research of holistic complementary and alternative healing modalities on that of healing, and enhanced overall health and well-being of the whole person. 

Learning how to address health problems and make informed decisions about your health can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Our holistic health and integrative health and wellness programs can help you learn more about ways to prevent, reverse or improve chronic disease, teach you skills to manage symptoms of your condition, improve eating and sleeping habits, reduce stress, maintain a exercise regimen, and much more!.  We educate you and work with your primary care provider on ways to combine modern medicine treatments and holistic complementary alternative therapies that will best work for you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Holistic & integrative health and wellness expert consulting and education allows clients and the community to grow in their awareness of the integration between modern medicine and holistic complementary alternative therapies, to become aware of chronic health threats in the community, and to learn holistic & integrative ways to prevent, reverse and improve chronic diseases; considering the importance of the range of complementary alternative integrative therapies, diet, sleep, stress management, lifestyle modification, nutrition and exercise on holistic healing and wellness.

Holistic & Integrative Health & Wellness Consulting & Education

A caring approach to bring awareness to holistic & integrative modalities and to prevent, reverse or improve chronic diseases.

We work hand-in-hand with you, your family, and your physician to provide the most comprehensive care for you. Holistic wellness consulting and education can help you grow in your understanding of chronic health conditions, learn how to manage medications, and/or consider the importance of healthy behaviors.

Currently our holistic wellness consulting and and education services are delivered in-person, through virtual appointments, through online courses, community-wide workshops, seminars and educational health-related events.

In addition, we work with community centers and organizations to guide your employees and citizens to find a more holistic and healthy balanced lifestyle to promote health and wellness.

Dr. Knight is passionate about fostering innovative cultures within both nursing practice and academia; resulting in quality education and furthermore safe, quality and cost-contained patient care. In addition to nursing education research, Dr. Knight has been heavily involved in chronic disease research extending to community health awareness, health behavior modification, disease prevention education and chronic disease management.   

Dr. Knight has presented numerous lectures, seminars and workshops to the community and nurses for professional development purposes and nursing students of various degree levels to improve academic and health outcomes.  In addition to her academic responsibilities, she has served as an expert consultant for nursing academic programs, nurse educators, nurse leaders and nurse entrepreneurs aligned with her extensive nursing expertise, nursing education research, chronic disease research and business management background.  

If you are a corporation or health care organization/community send us a message for desired interest in holistic & integrative health and wellness education consulting programs.

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