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Corporate Wellness, Meditation, and Mindfulness Training

Stress and burnout in the workplace is a growing concern that can negatively impact satisfaction, productivity and success. As Holistic Nurse Consultants/Educators we use our clinical background experience and education to provide meditation and mindfulness training to individuals, businesses, corporations and groups.  


As Nurse Consultants, we will serve as subject matter experts (SME) in the arena of holistic stress management, relaxation techniques, meditation and mindfulness training. We also provide resources and training on gentle yoga, breathing techniques, energy healing, emotional resilience, emotional awareness and emotional regulation. We are available to present at workshops, health fairs, community events, seminars, in-service education sessions, and one-on-one expert training with clients.

Dr. Knight has presented numerous lectures and workshops in the community  In addition to her academic responsibilities, she serves as an expert wellness consultant for academic programs, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs aligned with her extensive nursing expertise, research, and business management background.  

If you are a corporation, business, school or community group send us a message for your desired interest. We can help you create an calm and relaxed environment that feels good to thrive and be a part of!

Let’s Work Together!

We are invested in the well-being of our community! 

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