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Design & Wellness Center is your place for Holistic Wellness Solutions. Our comprehensive holistic stress management program has been statistically proven to decrease stress, burnout and overwhelm while enhancing mind, body & spirit health. 

This service is designed to raise awareness and education about holistic stress management tools and strategies. 


Holistic Stress Management Consulting Services

In addition to individual coaching, we also offer holistic stress management consulting services and workshops in the community.

Holistic Stress Management Consulting Services:

Stress Management Consulting can take the form of group discussion sessions or workshops depending on the focus.

  • Provide in-services to companies seeking to reduce their employees' stress at work

  • Create & Develop Stress Relief Programs for small businesses 

  • Serve the community at large via health centers, schools, churches and gyms.

Sample Workshop topics:

  • Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Resilience

  • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety  Through Mindful Movement

  • Mindfulness & Positivity 

  • Mindful Breathing

  • Yoga and Stress Relief

All workshops include conceptual and experiential learning and can be tailored to children or adults.

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