Introducing the Soul NSPIRED® Protocol

A step-by-step holistic coaching system to living a resilient, Soul-empowered and balanced lifestyle. 

There are unique challenges we face in life and in a state of chronic stress or illness, we may find ourselves feeling disconnected, powerless and out of balance & harmony in mind, body & spirit. 

But Life doesn't have to feel like a never ending STRESS STORM.

We will holistically and intuitively guide you to restore your inner balance, get to the root cause and effects of your stress and move you into a more conscious and empowered state where healing can take place naturally and where you can activate and manifest your highest potential, passion and purpose. 

The 7-step "(SOUL-NSPIRED®)" holistic coaching protocol integrates all aspects of the self, with physical, biological, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual elements.

No matter the stage in your healing journey, our 7-step system will meet you right where you are and help you tap into your super Soul power to self-liberate and heal at every level and in every area of your life. 

Let's start here now..... today!

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We have all felt stuck and consumed by stress at one point or another. As a combined service; holistic stress management, wellness and spiritual life coaching allows you to have a personal mirror into your own hidden stressors and challenges.

In our modern world, many of us have this false assumption that we are broken and need to be fixed, but in reality you are already whole and you are right where you're supposed to be. We are here to help you rediscover your truths. 

Through a multidimensional approach; combining ancient wisdom, modern science, and holistic practices of yoga, meditation, and energy healing, we invite you to join us on a healing journey to ease the stresses of life, restore your energy and expand your awareness.

We are here to help you identify where you are in all areas of your life and what's not working for you. We take a holistic approach by getting to the root cause of stress and going deeper than just superficial challenges.

Begin to understand hidden beliefs, attitudes, and patterns that may be at the root of the meaning you apply to stressful events in your life.

Our goal is giving you simple tools that you can use without creating you more stress. This is why we offer our clients a very simple 7-week Soul NSPIRED ® holistic coaching system that helps them feel empowered to move past whatever is holding them back.



-Imagine having a positive state of mind and feeling JOY AND PEACE no matter what is happening in your life

-Imagine waking up every morning with less reactivity to external events and stress and MORE GRATITUDE, FAITH AND HOPE.

​-Imagine you are MORE CALM & PATIENT with your loved ones, friends and coworkers and how you interact with others is FILLED WITH HUMILITY, SERVICE AND CONNECTEDNESS.

​-Imagine that you are in complete HARMONY & BALANCE in every area of your life.


-Image you feel more RESILIENT and more CONFIDENT in managing daily challenges and STEPPING INTO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL & PURPOSE.

​-Imagine moving through stumbling blocks that are keeping you stuck and the FREEDOM you deeply desire is unfolding right in front of you!

-Imagine opening up to UNIVERSAL HEALING; experiencing deep support from within and that of a spiritual community.

-Imagine having increased WISDOM, INSIGHT AND INTUTION as you grow spirituality and navigate life.



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Have you ever felt stuck, feeling like you are repeating the same cycles over and over with little progress? We will investigate what is stopping you from living your best self with practical tools that will be easy to implement into your daily routine. Living holistically healthy and well means that you have balance in every area of your life, and it doesn't look or feel the same for everyone. Lets find the negative stressors and patterns and figure out a way to stop repeating them.

Consultations offer potential clients an opportunity to meet with Dr. K and to see if the coaching relationship will be a good fit. Even if you aren’t sure what service is best for you, meeting with Dr. K can help you develop a plan that addresses your unique needs and wellness goals.

What to Expect

​​A Holistic Approach to Wellness, Spirituality and Stress Resilience


Explore the essence of an embodied awareness through the physical body using various healing techniques. Reconceive the body as integral, connected, and whole. Learn beginner meditation tools and gentle yoga movements to assist in managing your body in connection with your sensations, emotions and thoughts while using the body and breath as a point of present awareness. 


Explore the mental body by coming into an awareness of underlying behaviors, beliefs, values, attitudes and thought patterns with self-compassion. Learn to naturally observe what arises in consciousness through various mindfulness, journaling and meditation techniques. Explore the emotional body and learn simple strategies to help you better manage and regulate your emotions in a more healthy, positive and constructive way. 


Explore the spiritual body and the connection to wholeness in one's being.  Learn to honor your mind, body, soul and spirit through various spiritually aligned practices.


Develop a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system.


Enhance personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work and career.


Explore ways of occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support your well-being.


Explore ways to expand knowledge and skills through intellectually stimulating activities.


Recognize ways to increase satisfaction with current and future financial situations.​

Discover new ways to care for your yourself and your well-being through:

  • Spiritual Self-care

  • Meditation & Daily Mindfulness Practices

  • Yoga, Movement, Breathwork and Body Awareness

  • Nutrition, Exercise and Rest/Sleep

  • Stress Reduction Strategies

  • Emotional Regulation

  • and more!

Stressed Woman


Please begin by considering what areas of your life are you looking to improve through holistic coaching?

  • I have been under a lot of stress and pressure lately.

  • I feel overwhelmed, burned out and anxious most days.

  • I am often distracted and unable to focus on one activity at a time.

  • I am overcome by my emotions of fear, anger, irritability and frustration.

  • I am not sleeping well at night.

  • I desire to feel a greater connection and peace with myself, my loved ones and life.

  • other

In your own words, what is your personal intention for beginning Holistic coaching?


Reviewing Paperworks


To enhance outcomes of coaching, I invite you to enroll in our online academy to complete a stress assessment survey for FREE. Simply enroll for FREE NOW.

BONUS: As an added bonus when you enroll, instantly get access to 31- days of FREE mindfulness meditations that you can listen anywhere and at your own pace!

If we decide to work together you can use the stress assessment to reflect on your progress after completing one of our holistic wellness coaching programs!

Please allow at least 10 minutes to complete the survey. 

The results of the survey will give you an assessment of your level of coping and how you are managing stressors. Knowing this level will put you in the driver seat! You will begin taking action over the situations and triggers that cause a stress response.

Identifying and meeting yourself where you presently are is the first step in taking back control over your life!

After completing the stress assessment, please proceed to requesting a 45- minute complementary clarity call.


STEP 3: Schedule Clarity Call

Third, we will have a brief-complementary consultation call and a discussion about your stress assessment results, your lifestyle, health history, health concerns/issues, and personal goals for holistic wellness coaching.

If we find that we will be a good fit working together, we will create a plan to meet depending on your schedule and goals.

I typically ask my clients to commit to at least 7 coaching sessions over the course of 3 months to reap the most benefits.

Cost of private sessions vary, however on average my coaching cost is currently $100-$125 per hour.

3-Month Holistic Wellness Coaching example package plans:

  • Hourly rate = $100 -$125 per hour

  • 3 monthly installments  = $213 per month ($20 savings)- includes 7 coaching sessions (1 hour each)

  • Full 3 months paid in full = $669 ($31 savings)-includes 7 coaching sessions (1 hour each).

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Soul NSPIRED® Protocol

A step-by-step holistic coaching system to living a resilient, empowered and balanced lifestyle.