Total Relaxation, Rest & Surrender with Restorative Yoga

Updated: Jun 15

Purpose of Restorative Yoga:

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing and passive practice. You will find that you can fall into a stillness and peace while moving out of a constant state of fight or flight that comes along with chronic stress. The focus of restorative yoga is not on the quantity of poses but rather the quality of the poses. Props are used to completely support the body and build the floor up to the student. Poses are typically held for 5-20 minutes each, allowing the body to completely relax and shape into the poses.

The purpose of Restorative Yoga is designed to provide support and help the body and mind to relax during asana practice. This is often referred to as active relaxation. The poses also move the spinal column in all directions which goes along with the ancient principle of physical Yoga –the belief that a healthy spine promotes well-being. When it comes to props, you should use whatever is needed to give your body the most support. That is one of the main purposes of restorative Yoga. It is believed that the longer you can hold a posture, the more relaxed you will become.

Within Restorative Yoga we are activating the body's natural relaxation response. By activating the body's relaxation response, we can find total relaxation, rest and surrender. It is believed that the more support your body is given, the more peaceful and restful you will be during and after your Yoga practice. As you begin practicing restorative Yoga, you will be able to drop into a place of great contentment which enables release of tension and stress within the mind and body.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga:

If you have suffered from stress, injury, illness, or trauma Restorative Yoga can help you heal. There are many benefits from the deep restfulness that comes from Restorative Yoga.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga:

•Lowers blood pressure

•Balances serum triglycerides and blood sugar

•Increases good cholesterol

•Reduces fatigue and tiredness

•Decreases cortisol, the stress hormone

•Improves sleep, digestion and immunity

•Releases tension in joints and muscles

•Teaches conscious control of relaxation

•Increases concentration and improves focus

•Creates balance within nervous system

•Activates relaxation response

•Reduces stress, anxiety, depression

•Gateway to mindfulness and coping mechanisms

•Improves and restores physical health and wellness

•Decreases physical pains and inflammatory responses

•Prevents disease and illness

•Therapeutic for pregnancy, menstruation and menopause

•Helps prevent obesity

•Balances energies in the body

Restorative Yoga is a process of self-discovery. It helps to bring the mind, body and spirit in balance by creating awareness of the body's limitations. As you become less stressed and more connected to your physical body you will be better able to connect to your mental, spiritual and emotional needs.

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