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MORE FREEDOM, MORE JOY, LESS STRESS : An Online Spiritual Self-Care Group Coaching Course for Busy Women

A Holistic Approach to Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit Wellness, Stress Management & Spirituality

Learn how to care for your soul with insights, rituals, and practices that unlock well-being in every area of your life. In this 6-week online "spiritual self-care" course, embrace your spirituality & transform how you see yourself and life challenges. Discover right NOW solutions that will get you moving in the right direction toward more peace, calm and balance in your life through the practices of breathwork, meditation, Reiki and gentle yoga.

Discover simple steps of how to relax NOW and deeply reconnect to your wholeness in mind, body and spirit. I will show you my strategy for coping with stress regardless of what's happening in your life. Also learn other holistic self-care practices that you can apply immediately to your daily routine to lessen stress and overwhelm!

Sold Out- Next Course Opens March 2022

Connect to Your Spirituality

-Are the pressures and demands of balancing work, family and daily responsibilities causing you to get off focus and out of flow, rhythm, harmony and balance with your TRUE AUTHENTICITY?

-Is stress and anxiety spiraling out of control in your life; disrupting your relationships, health, money, career and sense of hope, purpose and happiness?

-Are you repeating negative patterns that are compromising your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health and overall well-being? 

-Do you feel off centered and that something is missing and desire a deeper connection with your spirituality and the Divine?

-Do you desire a safe-supportive space and holistic-spiritual healing practices that can help you achieve deeper states of Joy, Peace & Life-Fulfillment?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I invite you to join me and others on this spiritual healing journey.

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If there was a way to deeply reconnect with yourself, your spirituality and ease stress and overwhelm NOW without the added burden of long processes to get there...

Would you finally feel ready to commit to simple & self-enriching spiritual practices including Meditation, Gentle Yoga, breathwork and Reiki that will get you moving toward MORE FREEDOM, MORE JOY AND LESS STRESS in your life?



-Imagine waking up every morning with less reactivity to stress and you feel MORE GROUNDED & CENTERED AND MORE GRATITUDE, PEACE, JOY & HAPPINESS in your SPIRITHEART AND SOUL.

-Imagine you are MORE CALM &  PATIENT with your kids, your spouse, your friends, your coworkers and how you interact with others is FILLED WITH MORE COMPASSION AND CONNECTEDNESS AT THE HEART & SOUL LEVEL.

-Imagine that you are in complete harmony and balance in every area of your life including your SPIRITUALITY and you ILLUIMINATE PURE LOVE, PEACE AND LIGHT all around you.

-Imagine you feel EMPOWERED with MORE SELF-AWARENESS, CLARITY AND WISDOM. You feel more RESILIENT and more CONFIDENT in managing daily challenges and stressors as they arise.

-Imagine moving through stumbling blocks that are keeping you stuck and the FREEDOM & JOY you deeply desire is unfolding right in front of you!

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This is Where I Come In!

Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD, RN, MSN, CNE (CEO & Founder of Design & Wellness Center, Holistic Nurse, Wellness, Stress & Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master & Teacher 1, 2,3)

Hi I'm Dr. K. and I will be your teacher for this course! In this action-filled 6-week "spiritual self-care" online group coaching course, I will show you my strategy for releasing stress, anxiety and burnout and how to deal with chaos and challenges more gracefully regardless of what's happening in your life.  Explore the depths of your body, mind, emotions and spirit as a rich inner landscape of experience through the introduction of spiritual self-care practices including breathwork, meditation, Reiki, gentle yoga, sound therapy, journaling, creative expression etc.

Through the intersection of holistic mind-body therapies be guided home into your natural calm state. Arrive fully into the depths of what is present for you in every moment. Feel empowered to rise above and transform your response to stressors and challenges in your life. Feel reconnected to your true self, the Divine & Universal Energy and to your community.

Explore holistic self-care practices to help restore your natural balance, harmony and energy so that you can show up in every area of your life as your highest self in just 6 weeks!

I love helping women discover healthier ways of coping and managing stress through a spiritual lens and reconnecting to your spiritual nature. This passion comes from a place where at several points in my own life I felt overwhelmed, overconsumed with stress, worry, burnout and anxiety. I was stuck and exhausted. My spirituality, health and relationships suffered and for many years I wasn’t happy.

​It took much trial and error and reconnecting with my soul and spirit and getting to the root causes of my stress before I was able to move forward with a more successful, fulfilling and peaceful life. 

​Over the years, I created The 4-Rx Stress to Wellness System (®) and developed my own toolbox of wellness practices that have enabled me to get unstuck from my accumulated stressors and unhealthy coping behaviors that were holding me back from living a fulfilled life. I've coached many women; sharing my proven system, tools and strategies so that they also can tap into a life filled with:

  • -balanced healthy living 

  • -healthy coping and resilience to life transitions, burnout and stress

  • -peace, calm and relaxation of mind, body & spirit

  • -self-love, and authenticity

  • -heightened spirituality, abundance and a clearer life purpose

  • -personal freedom and success

  • -healthier relationships

  • -increased mental focus and clarity

  • -happiness, joy and vitality!

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Transform Your Stress


6-Week "Spiritual Self-Care" Group Coaching Program
Limited Time Offer - only $47 (Original Price $299)

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  • High achieving women who are overwhelmed with the pressures of balancing work, family and life and it's effecting her spirituality and connection with her soul at every aspect of her life including her health, relationships, career, etc..

  • Busy women who are feeling like her life is out of control, harmony and balance and whom the stressors in her life are draining her physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy.

  • Women who are feeling a loss of self, a loss of connection to her spiritualty and the Divine, a disconnect from her true essence and higher self. 

  • Women who need spiritual support; a safe and relaxing space to reset, rejuvenate and restore from the many stressors of life.

  • Any woman who is willing and ready to nurture deeper parts of herself and reconnect with her mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.

  • Women who desire simple, natural and healthy "spiritual-self care" solutions so she can experience MORE FREEDOM, MORE JOY & LESS STRESS in her life.

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"I have struggled with keeping my blood sugar and blood pressure under control for a long time. Dr. Knights' coaching helped me realize that much of this was due to my emotional stress.  Dr. Knight introduced me to meditation, breathwork and helped me establish a plan and better eating habits and it has helped me so much. I now feel so much more in control of my stress.  My blood sugars have gone down tremendously too. The last time I visited my doctor, my labs were much better."


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What to Expect

A Holistic Approach to Stress Management, Wellness & Spirituality


Explore the essence of an embodied awareness through the physical body using various stress management and relaxation techniques of meditation, gentle Yoga and Reiki.  Reconceive the body as integral, connected, and whole. Learn tools to assist in managing the stress response.


Explore the mental body by coming into an awareness of thought patterns, values and beliefs. Receive a working knowledge of how stress impacts the mind, the brain and nervous system. Learn to quiet the conditioned mind and nervous system through various relaxation and mind-body solutions including meditation, gentle Yoga and Reiki.


Explore the emotional body through further intensifying of mind-body therapies (ex. meditation, Reiki, chakra balancing and Restorative yoga). Learn tools to manage and regulate emotions and thoughts in a more positive and constructive way. Learn to release toxic energy.


Explore the spiritual body and reconnect with your personal beliefs on spiritual practices and the connection to stress management and overall wellness and quality of life. Learn to trust your intuition through practices of Meditation. Learn to honor your purpose and make soul-aligned choices.

Discover new ways to care for soul and spirit through:

  • -Mind-Body-Spirit-Relaxation Therapies of -Yoga -Meditation-Breathwork- -Reiki and Chakra energy healing and balancing and more

Also learn about:

  • -Healthy lifestyle behavior changes that stick

  • -Mindset shift and emotional regulation

  • -Goal setting, time management, intention and vision work

  • -Nutrition, mindful movement, sleep

  • and much more!


Course Layout:

6-Self-Paced Online Modules

Module 1: Re-Visioning Your Life

Module 2: Soul Dialogues: Reclaiming Your True Essence

Module 3: Integrating the Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit

Module 4: Focused Journaling: Transforming the Conditioned Mind

Module 5: Exploring the Emotional Body: Powerful Self Transformations

Module 6: A Spiritual Healing Journey: Connecting to Your Higher Self & Higher Consciousness


What's Included

This 6 week online course will provide you with lots of opportunities to experiment with different spiritual healing solutions, so that by the end of the challenge, you’ll be able to identify what works best for you.

And it won't take a year, 6 months, or even 3 months.....just 6 weeks!  

I’m teaching you all my techniques so that by the end of the program you’ll feel connected to your soul and spirit.

And the best part? This is my beta program which means this is the first time this has ever been offered.

As a Beta Client, you also get a few extras:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the program (including any updates or new content that I add in the future)

  • SAVINGS! This is the lowest price you’ll ever see this program.

  • INFLUENCE! This is your opportunity to help influence others through your stress management practice and shape this program for others!

  • COMMUNITY!-  Become a member of a growing community of like-minded women on a healing spiritual path. Enjoy social interactions and engaging discussions. 

In this 6-week online group coaching program, you will find everything you need:

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6- weekly modules with a total of 2.5 hours of Video Lessons plus "Extra"  Guided Meditations

Course E-Guidebook (PDF) with Interactive Lesson Activities & Journal Prompts

•    1 FREE- Virtual 45 minute "Clarity Coaching Session"

Discounted Price for Workshops and Products

Community and Connection- Discussion Board

Weekly E-Mail Check-Ins & "Spiritual" Support

Lifetime Access to the Course

6-Week "Spiritual Self-Care" Online Group Coaching Course
Limited Time Offer - only $47 (Original Price $299)

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What is a beta launch program?

Beta means that this is the first time I’ve offered this publicly. For you, it’s a great chance to access a brand new program at a special rate, receive lifetime access and some special beta bonuses. For me, it’s where I get to teach my new program, observe how you respond and tweak until it’s perfect! Win-win!!

Where do I access the course?

At checkout, you will have access to the course platform which will contain the course lessons and all other FREE resources included in the course price.

The next course starts Thursday 1/20/22, however feel free to take as much time needed to complete. You have life-time access to the course.

How much time do I need to commit?

It is highly suggested to begin the program with intention by investing at least 1 hour per week for the lesson activities, however work at your own pace!

Is there a refund policy on the beta launch program?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you are unsatisfied with the course, we will gladly refund you the full purchase price within 24 hours of purchase. No refunds will be given after this period.