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Breathe. Elevate. Heal. Podcast

Welcome to the Breathe. Elevate. Heal podcast- In this podcast series, join us as we explore inner healing, holistic & alternative healing modalities, spirituality, resilience, self-awareness, mindfulness, personal growth, self-empowerment & more!  More people now than ever are ready to break through the barriers that are holding them back from reaching their highest potential.  TO TRULY KNOW THYSELF is where it all begins.  Get ready to Breathe. Elevate Your Mind &Heal Thyself on every level!  Bolster your well-being despite life adversities & overcome the challenges of modern phenomena!

Dr. K teaches women how to become SOUL-empowered & live balanced-healthy lifestyles, offering education on holistic health, stress & emotional resilience, spirituality, yoga, breath work, mindfulness, meditation, Reiki, self-empowerment, self-awareness and more! 


  • -Holistic Stress Management

  • -Alternative & Holistic Health

  • -Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness

  • -Integral & Somatic Therapy

  • -Spirituality & Ancient Wisdom

  • -Meditation & Yoga 

  • -Mindfulness

  • -Embodied Awareness & -Personal Growth

  • -Mental & Emotional Resilience 

  • -Stress Resilience

  • -Energy Healing

  • -Consciousness

  • -Epigenetics

  • -Psychoimmunology

  • -Quantum Physics and More!

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