Introducing the Soul NSPIRED® Protocol

A step-by-step holistic wellness coaching system to living a resilient, Soul-empowered and balanced lifestyle. 

There are unique challenges we face in life and in a state of chronic stress, dis-ease or illness, we may find ourselves feeling disconnected, powerless and out of balance & harmony in mind, body & spirit. 

But Life doesn't have to feel like a never ending STRESS STORM.

We will holistically and intuitively guide you to restore your inner balance, help you gain insights into the root cause and effects of your stress and move you into a more conscious and empowered state where healing can take place naturally and where you can activate and manifest your highest potential, passion and purpose. 

The 7-step "(SOUL-NSPIRED®)" holistic coaching protocol integrates all aspects of the self, with physical, biological, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual elements.

No matter the stage in your healing journey, our 7-step system will meet you right where you are and help you tap into your Soul power to self-liberate and heal at every level and in every area of your life. 

Let's start here now..... today!

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Let Your Healing Begin Today!

Welcome to Design & Wellness Center; your Personal Wellness, Yoga, Meditation & Reiki Studio

Our goal is to help bring your Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Elements Back in Balance & Harmony for More Synergy, Flow & Healing

Design and Wellness Center is a "holistic healing hub". We're here to empower our community one person at a time. Through the intersection of holistic mind-body-spirit and ancient and complementary therapies, our intention is the cultivation of higher consciousness to elevate the lives of our clients by offering holistic and natural wellness remedies and educating them about the virtues of holistic health, stress resilience, self-awareness, and conscious living. Our vision is to restore balance and harmony in human consciousness and prevent further deterioration of our planet and the health of the collective community. 

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The "Holistic Healing" Hub

Design & Wellness Center is your safe-space for healing and learning to cope through the challenges and stressors of life without fear. Begin reclaiming your personal power and connecting with other's on a journey of self-transformation!  We offer a wide range of holistic services to help you expand your consciousness and heal emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

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Wellness, Stress & Spiritual Coaching Packages

Design & Wellness Center offers unique, simple and affordable "Soul NSPIRED®" coaching packages, so that you can get unstuck from what's holding you back and begin navigating toward  healing one step at a time. Rediscover who you truly are and your true essence. Step into your life's higher meaning and purpose and be led naturally to your soul's greater truths.

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Private Yoga & Meditation

At Design & Wellness Center, we view the practices of yoga and meditation as a lifestyle and essential tools in balancing the whole being. Begin to make space for more peaceful, calm and positive moments in your life through movement combined with meditation and breath work. We offer private Yoga and meditation lessons at the beginner level.

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Reiki & Energy Healing

Design & Wellness Center is your space to explore deep relaxation, stress relief & healing of energetic blocks that may be contributing to dis-ease, illness, and/or mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances. Through an in-person or distance Reiki session, feel more energy flow and healing throughout your entire being. We offer chakra balancing, Reiki and various other energy healing modalities.

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Healing Arts

At Design & Wellness Center, we strongly believe that every art form has the potential to heal holistically; to help us feel more connected to our soul & heart and inner power. Coming soon: Sound baths, meditative art and painting classes, healing dance/movement classes.

Coming Soon!
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The "SOUL-NSPIRED" Online Shop

Coming soon: Our "SOUL-NSPIRED Online Shop" is your place to find many unique treasures, resources and tools to support you along your holistic self-care, wellness & spiritual journey. Prioritize time to rest and nurture yourself.




"I have struggled with keeping my blood sugar and blood pressure under control for a long time. Dr. Knights' coaching helped me realize that much of this was due to my emotional stress.  Dr. Knight introduced me to meditation, breathwork and helped me establish a plan and better eating habits and it has helped me so much. I now feel so much more in control of my stress.  My blood sugars have gone down tremendously too. The last time I visited my doctor, my labs were much better."


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DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD is not a physician or psychotherapist and does not practice psychotherapy. Results may vary with each individual.  Any services provided during a healing/coaching sessions are for complementary and educational use only and does not replace conventional medicine or psychotherapy.