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A 90-day 1:1 Restore and Rebalance program that combines spiritual life coaching plus private meditation, gentle yoga and Reiki sessions to bring your mind, body, spirit and energy into a balanced and harmonic state. Through this private 1:1 experience gain the clarity you need to come fully into the depths of your spirituality and soul journey and what is present for you in each moment. Learn how to move forward with more flow, balance and harmony in your relationships, career, job finances, health and live transitions.

A combined private 1:1 holistic wellness and spiritual life coaching program has the ability to transform your life in ways you never imagined. My holistic wellness and spiritual life coaching program will help you come into a deeper understanding about yourself and help you to identify and break through the internal and external barriers that are keeping you from achieving your health and wellness goals. 

I can help you identify where you are in all areas of your life and what's not working for you.  I take a holistic approach by going deeper than just superficial challenges but I help people understand hidden patterns and intentions of the soul and spirit that are impacting their progress in life.

Having solutions and tools that you can readily integrate without creating more stress for you is key. This is why I offer my clients a very a simple 7-step holistic coaching system that gets to the root cause of stress and helps them get unstuck from whatever is holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Does stress, anxiety, or chronic illness, keep you from experiencing a fulfilling life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by stressors and challenges and out of control of your life?

Are you feeling stuck or repeating unhealthy patterns?

Are you longing to feel more connected to your mind, body, & spirit with a greater sense of well-being?

Step into a life of personal freedom, wellness and success starting NOW.

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Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD, RN, MSN, CNE

Hi I'm Dr. K. and I will be your coach! I will show you my strategy for releasing stress, anxiety and burnout and how to deal with chaos and challenges more gracefully regardless of what's happening in your life.  Explore the depths of your body, mind, emotions and spirit as a rich inner landscape of experience.

Through the intersection of holistic mind-body-spirit therapies be guided home into your natural calm state. Arrive fully into the depths of what is present for you in every moment. Feel empowered to rise above and transform your response to stressors and challenges in your life. Feel reconnected to yourself, your spirituality, a higher source and to your community. 

Explore holistic self-care and spiritual practices of meditation, yoga and Reiki to help restore your natural balance, harmony and energy so that you can show up more confident in every area of your life as your best self!

I love helping women deepen their spirituality, and discover healthier ways of coping and managing stress. This passion comes from a place where at several points in my own life I felt disconnected, overwhelmed, overconsumed with stress, worry, burnout and anxiety. I was stuck and exhausted. My health and relationships suffered and for many years I wasn’t happy.

​It took much trial and error and getting to the root causes of my stress before I was able to move forward with a more successful, fulfilling and peaceful life. 

​Over the years, I created The 4-Rx Stress to Wellness System (®) and developed my own toolbox of wellness practices that have enabled me to deepen my spirituality, get unstuck from my accumulated stressors and unhealthy coping behaviors that were holding me back from living a fulfilled life. I've coached many women; sharing my proven system, tools and strategies so that they also can tap into a life filled with:

  • -balanced healthy living 

  • -healthy coping and resilience to life transitions, burnout and stress

  • -peace, calm and relaxation of mind, body & spirit

  • -self-love, and authenticity

  • -heightened spirituality, abundance and a clearer life purpose

  • -personal freedom and success

  • -healthier relationships

  • -increased mental focus and clarity

  • -happiness, joy and vitality!