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Boost Resilience & Well-Being

Welcome to Design & Wellness Center; Your Personal Wellness, Yoga & Reiki Therapy Studio

Our goal is to help bring your Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Energetic Elements Back in Balance & Harmony for More Resilience, Synergy, Flow & Healing

Design and Wellness Center is a "holistic healing hub". Through the intersection of holistic mind-body-spirit and ancient therapies of gentle-slow Yoga & Reiki therapy, our intention is to ease stress, reorient the mind that underlies many emotional and physical symptoms and help promote optimal health by offering our clients natural wellness remedies and educating them about the virtues of  holistic healing. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, and/or are experiencing health issues, we will help you align with your inner resources to heal holistically. Discover the value of energy medicine where healing can begin taking place naturally within you.

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Meet Dr. Knight

Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD, RN, MSN, CNE, RYT (Dr. K)- Researcher and Holistic Integrative Wellness Nurse, Certified Mindfulness & CBT Practitioner, Certified Stress Resilience & Spiritual Life Coach, Certified-Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Reiki Teacher/Master 1, 2, 3, Founder & CEO of La Fe Solutions' Design & Wellness Center

I work in the field of  Complementary and Alternative Healing and Energy Medicine specializing in both the education and interventional methods proven to help ease stress and restore imbalances related to physical, mental, energetic, hormonal, spiritual and emotional health.

I primarily guide women over 40 on how to reclaim her inner-resilience & how to live a balanced-healthy lifestyle; also offering education on how slow/gentle- mindful yoga practices, Reiki, meditation, movement, adequate sleep, rest and relaxation, healthy food choices, and healthy connections can help decrease suffering, alleviate symptoms of chronic dis-ease, illness, & pain, ease anxiety, stress, depression, balance hormones and so much more! 

I have combined my extensive training in nursing as well in anatomy and physiology, psychology, stress management consulting, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-CBC), spiritual counseling, meditation, Yoga and Reiki therapy, and other evidence-based holistic therapies to support my clients on their journey of holistic wellness, spiritual growth and personal/professional development. 

My purpose as a Holistic-Integrative Wellness Nurse and Bioenergetic Teacher is to holistically and intuitively help you restore your health, inner balance, get to the root cause and effects of your stress and move you into a more conscious and empowered state where true healing can take place naturally. 


Work With Dr. K

Dr. K has taught and coached many; sharing her story, tools and strategies so that they also can tap into a life filled with:

  • -balanced healthy & holistic living 

  • -healthy coping and resilience to life transitions, burnout and stress

  • -peace, calm and relaxation of mind, body & spirit

  • -self-awareness, empowerment and authenticity

  • -heightened spirituality, intuition, consciousness, abundance and a clearer life vision

  • -healthier relationships

  • -increased energy, productivity, mental focus and clarity

  • -happiness, joy, and vitality

Through the intersection of holistic mind-body-spirit and ancient and alternative therapies of Yoga and Reiki, Dr. K helps individuals who seek relief from:

  • acute/chronic stress and burnout

  • emotional distress (grief, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, hopelessness, trauma, feelings of disconnection from self)

  • Stress-related illness/disease (diabetes, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain)

  • stress due to a health crisis or chronic illness/disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease etc.)

  • and other stressful life challenges (menopause, perimenopause, relationships, parenting, life transitions, career/business, money, loss of personal power or happiness etc.)

Dr. K has been studying, researching and practicing holistic healing for 20 years as a registered nurse. In addition, as a certified yoga teacher/yoga therapist and certified energy practitioner, she does not proclaim to be a healer, but one who serves as a conduit of "healing energy space" so that her clients can rediscover their greater truths and intuitive healer within. 

To schedule your session with Dr. K please use the link below.

Yoga and/or Reiki Therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 60 minute appointments. For Reiki Healing sessions, some client's may require multiple sessions depending on their unique situations.  

Lets' get you started today on this exciting journey of holistic healing. We are here to support you along your  wellness & spiritual journey!

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Have you ever felt stuck, feeling like you are repeating the same cycles over and over with little progress? We will investigate what is stopping you from living your best self with practical tools that will be easy to implement into your daily routine. Living holistically healthy and well means that you have balance in every area of your life, and it doesn't look or feel the same for everyone. 

Consultations offer potential clients an opportunity to meet with Dr. K and to see if the coaching relationship will be a good fit. Even if you aren’t sure what service is best for you, meeting with Dr. K can help you develop a plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul, Calm Stress & Anxiety Naturally, Deepen Your Spirituality

Design and Wellness Center is a "holistic healing hub". We're here to empower our community one person at a time. Through the intersection of holistic mind-body-spirit and ancient and complementary therapies of Yoga and Reiki Therapy, our intention is the cultivation of higher consciousness to elevate the lives of our clients by offering holistic and natural wellness remedies and educating them about the virtues of holistic living, self-awareness, mindfulness and energy healing. Our vision is to restore balance and harmony in human consciousness and prevent further deterioration of our planet and the health of the collective community. 

We invite you to join us and connect with other "Soul NSPIRED" people through a variety of holistic healing programs, classes, workshops, seminars, and other community events. As part of our mission, we are committed to sharing our insights and wisdom into health & wellness, spirituality and stress resilience for seekers searching for a holistic path to healing, empowerment and elevating their quality of life. We are dedicated to continually spreading positive energy to our community and clients.

We provide guidance, education and tools you can use to navigate life’s most challenging times and to create more freedom, happiness and joy in your life.



DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD is not a physician or psychotherapist and does not practice psychotherapy. Results may vary with each individual.  Any services provided during a healing/coaching sessions are for complementary and educational use only and does not replace conventional medicine or psychotherapy.