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Yoga Styles Offered

Customized Yoga to Fit Your Needs

My sessions are customized to your personal needs and draw from the following yoga styles for beginners:

  • Yoga Flow for the Soul ® (active but gentle/slow blend of beginner asanas, warming and gentle Vinyasa asanas with connection to various breathing techniques- (Pranayama) which supports movement of prana energy and balancing the Chakras and nervous system

  • Yin Yoga for The Soul® and Restorative Yoga for the Soul®   (slow, deep stretch of the muscles, connective tissues - passive, relaxing, self-inquiry- may combine chakra balancing, Reiki at additional cost)

  • Chair Yoga for the Soul ® (customized for seniors, persons with physical disabilities, balance/safety issues or injuries- combines meditation and breathing techniques)



Integrating 8 Yoga Principles, Gentle Yoga Asanas with Breathwork, Meditation & Energy Healing for Beginners 

Yoga is far more than stretching and holding poses. As a spiritual practice, it goes much deeper. Yoga is a form of meditative movement and union of the mind, body and spirit. A private yoga session is an opportunity to explore your physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic needs. Through a 1:1 personalized experience, sessions are tailored just for you and your goals. Private sessions may include the practice of physical postures in conjunction with awareness of the breath, Reiki healing, chakra balancing, crystals and guided meditation to help promote healing in your physical body and unlock feelings of joy and happiness in your life.


Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

  • -Helps the body deeply relax

  • -Helps the body release stress and tension

  • -May reduce depression and anxiety

  • -Improve and uplift mood

  • -Promotes better sleep and rest

  • -Improve mental focus, clarity & concentration

  • -Improves digestion

  • -May lower blood pressure

  • -Promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit

  • -Enhances physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual and mental health.

  • -Improves circulation, flexibility, balance, stability 

  • -Improves muscle tone and strength

  • -May help lower chronic pain (ex. back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica etc.)

  • Balances the Chakras

  • -Supports overall well-being

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Experience the Power of Yoga

In my private yoga sessions, you may learn about different ways of controlling your breath and how to sit in meditation using mindfulness, visualization techniques and/or mantras. You will also engage in various yoga poses (asanas) and gentle movements that will help you drop into body awareness and connect more deeply to your energy centers.

Private & Customized yoga sessions are ideal for individuals who desire a more one-on-one and customized approach to fit their needs, schedule and lifestyle and who desires a more gentler form of yoga for purposes of self-awareness and total mind, body, spirit transformation.

A private yoga session offers my clients a safe space to practice proper form while alternating movement with states of calm and relaxation without the distraction of noise and crowdedness most common to the typical yoga studio.

With consistent practice of yoga, it can positively influence every aspect of your life and well-being.

Your personalized, convenient private yoga program takes place virtually (online), or in person (local restrictions) with an appointment that fits your schedule.


How it Works

First, we will begin with a brief-complementary consultation call and a discussion about your lifestyle, health history, health concerns/issues, and personal goals for a yoga practice.

Second, If we find that we will be a good fit working together, we will schedule an introductory appointment so that I can best assess your overall health and learn more about your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual needs.

From there, we will create a plan to meet weekly, twice a week or three times per week depending on your schedule and goals.

I will craft a sequence of yoga poses customized just for you.

We will evaluate your progress towards goals at each session and adjust as we go along if needed.

I typically ask my clients to commit to at least 4 sessions/per month to reap the most benefits of a yoga practice.

To make this a pleasurable experience, it is suggested you have the following equipment for each session:

  • Yoga mat (or substitute with 2 blankets or large towels)

  • 2 Yoga Blocks (or 2 large hardcover books to substitute)

  • 1 Strap (1 belt to substitute)

  • 1 Bolster (Rectangular) or (1 or 2 large pillows or cushions, or 1 to 3 blankets or 4 large bath towels to substitute)

Cost of private sessions vary, however on average my cost is $65 to $75 per 60 minute session plus mileage (where applicable). 

Example package plans:

1 Session = $65-75/hour
4 Sessions = $239 ($21 savings)
6 Sessions = $359 ($31 savings)
10 Sessions = $575 ($75 savings)

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD is not a physician or psychotherapist and does not practice psychotherapy. Results may vary with each individual.  Any services provided during a healing/coaching sessions are for complementary and educational use only and does not replace conventional medicine or psychotherapy.