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Learn Reiki at home, at your own pace, on your own schedule

Welcome and I'm excited to offer one-on-one private training for Reiki 1 via Zoom. Private on-on-one enrollment capacity is limited to ensure a personalized learning experience. 


​My private Reiki 1 certification is a 10 hour training course. Private training can be started anytime and customized to fit your schedule, needs and goals.


Personalized lessons, demonstrations, practice checkoffs, and final attunements are held via Zoom and scheduled at times we agree upon. 

This option is perfect for:

  • Busy women, mothers, and working professionals who are seeking a relaxing and self-healing Reiki training option that allows them the convenience to learn, grow and study at their own pace from home while receiving guided one-on-one expert training and mentorship. 

  • Learners who want flexibility, undivided attention, and who may not be able to attend live group trainings.

Contact Dr. Knight or schedule a 15 minute complementary call to discuss arrangements for taking this private one-on-one training course.

Note: I am no longer offering in-person training at this time. All instructional lessons, practice check-offs and attunements are held via Zoom


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy—also called qi, prana, or mana—to bring energies back into alignment. With mindful and consistent practice, Reiki will help heal imbalances ranging from the physical to the emotional and spiritual, Reiki is a holistic approach to well-being and involves healing from the inside out. 


Reiki is ancient and holistic healing technique that stimulates the relaxation response and the body's own capacity to heal physically and energetically by removing stagnant and blocked energy. The body's natural healing capacity is compromised through various environmental, psychological and physical process including chronic inflammation, sedentary lifestyles and a lack of movement, poor diet and sleep, illness, certain medications, stress, trauma, chemical and environmental toxins etc. During a healing Reiki treatment, the energy goes where it is needed in the body and energy centers to promote balance, harmony and homeostasis in the mind, body and spirit. 


Learn Dr. Usui's Traditional Reiki Ryoho energy healing system through a personalized approach. The education and attunements you receive in this private training course are of high quality and are equivalent to the standards of our live group Reiki trainings, certifications and attunements.

I offer 1:1 private lessons with multiple reflective and interactive practice activities to provide a deep informative, enriching and transformational experience to help you apply the concepts that you are learning in the course.  

Quality Education

Design & Wellness is an integrative wellness and training center of Dr. Usui's Traditional Energy Therapy System (Reiki). I offer more than just classes and training, but a transformative life experience that can have significant impacts on your overall health and well-being.


Build confidence in your ability to self-heal with interactive hands-on experiences that allow you to actively and immediately apply the concepts that you are learning to your unique life experience.

I am deeply committed to providing my students and clients with ongoing support and mentorship to ensure they have a quality and meaningful experience. 

Reiki 1 - Self-Healing Private Training & Coaching

How the Training Works


Recommended hours of completion: Training is 10 total hours and can be completed over a 3 month period. Training can also be completed at a faster pace at a schedule we agree upon.

Cost: $250 

Full payment required prior to training start.

Personalized Learning Package Includes:

 Private Zoom instructional lessons (generally I meet clients privately one-to-one via Zoom for a total of 10 training/coaching hours (including time for checkoffs, practice and attunements). 


Note: I am no longer offering in-person training at this time. All instructional lessons, practice check-offs and attunements are held via Zoom- 

Reiki Level 1 Practice Check-Offs

Reiki Level 1 Attunement Ceremony and Certification 

Interactive learning activities, journaling and reflections

Self Healing Hand positions for your personal practice and hand positions to use with others.

Reiki precepts/principles and how to apply them to your life 

Demonstrations, Reiki Shares, Practice and Report logs (required 10 hour documented practice time for Reiki 1 certification)

Body and Chakra assessment practice assignment

Supplemental reading and downloadable resources

Final comprehensive Reiki 1 exam (30 questions)

​Comprehensive E-book manual (PDF). Reiki 1 

Included Bonuses:

Ongoing email support and downloadable resources

Exclusive training and coaching offers

Invitations to group meditations and Reiki shares


A Practicum with practice and report logs, interactive learning activities/assignments, final module exams are required and allotted to ensure the student is proficient in all aspects of Reiki 1 and receives their attunements with confidence at the end of the training.


* After successful completion, students will receive a PDF Reiki 1 certification.


Suggested: It is recommended that students wait at least 2 months between Reiki level 1 and advancing to Reiki level 2 training to allow oneself time to become accustomed to Reiki energy and to fully incorporate Reiki, it's principles, self-treatments and to richly embrace Reiki healing at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki 1 - Self-Healing Private Training 

Our Reiki 1 one-on-one training is an opportunity to deepen your self-care practice, learn Reiki skillfully, and receive a certification as a Reiki 1 Practitioner.


This self-paced option provides foundational Reiki Level 1 concepts that focuses on the physical, energy centers and holistic health of the practitioner. Reiki has long been used for stress, relaxation & anxiety relief, to ease physical, emotional, and mental symptoms, reduce medication side effects, support surgery and recovery, deepen spirituality, ease end of life transitions and so much more.


This course also serves as the foundation for the practitioner to build upon for the transition to the role of Reiki Level 2 professional and the Reiki Level 3 Master-Teacher.


Concepts of energy healing, balancing the energy centers (biofield, aura, chakras, meridians), health/illness and prevention, and mind-body connections, as well as theoretical perspectives from quantum physics will be reviewed as frameworks for professional and evidence-based Reiki practice.


Course Description

Self- Healing Reiki Level 1 helps the practitioner connect more to the Universal Life Force Energy that we all have within. Students will learn how to effectively work with this energy for therapeutic benefits.


In Reiki 1, students will learn the history about Reiki, how the body uses energy and universal life force energy, Reiki daily principles, hand positions, energy centers of the body (biofield/chakras), how to apply Reiki to others including pets, plants, food, water, technology and more.


After completing the course lessons and training students will receive their first attunements and this prepares them to practice Reiki confidently on themselves, friends and loved ones as personal self -improvement and self-empowerment tool. Reiki level 1 includes 4 attunements, through an in-person ceremony.


After successful completion of all the Reiki 1 course requirements, final exam and attunements, students will receive a certification of completion.


The purpose of this Reiki level 1 course is to introduce the student to the various facets of Reiki healing. Students will begin to utilize Reiki healing energy in working with self and their loved ones.


Students will explore the following concepts in this course:


Energy and vibration

Universal life force energy

History of Reiki

Working with energy systems

Energy homeostasis

Anatomy and physiology (glands of the body related to energy)

Understanding energy and the nervous system

Health, illness, and prevention

Understanding the relaxation response

Mind-body connection

Meditation to broaden development

Human energy field, biofield, aura, chakras

Protecting your energy fields

Psychological functions of the 7 main Chakras

Chakra imbalances and their effects on mind-body

Reiki principles, intentions, and affirmations

Self-healing and Intuition

Reiki application on self and others

Additional uses of Reiki

and more

Contact Dr. Knight or schedule a 15 minute complementary call to discuss arrangements for taking this class.


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