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Holistic -Alternative Stress Relief

Develop strategies and tools to navigate stress and make positive lifestyle and mindset shifts to feel better, sleep better, think better and relate to others better.  If traditional treatments are not working, we help you get to the root of stress so you can live a more balanced and healthy life.

Mindfulness at Midlife

We specialize in mindfulness coaching to help our clients lower their stress and anxiety levels so they can experience long-lasting improvement to their overall health and well-being. Retrain your nervous system and return your body and mind back to its' natural healing state. 

Energy Healing and Somatic Yoga

Experience a combination of energy healing, meditation, breathwork, and  gentle Yoga. Achieve alignment of mind, body and spirit. Heal hidden stress, pain and trauma held deep in the body. Rebalance your inner essence for total wellness, tranquility, and peace within.

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Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier and Happier Life by Finding Peace Within

Are you a midlife woman feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unwell, or stuck in the midlife woes? Is stress impacting your emotional and mental well-being, relationships, and/or physical health? If so, you're not alone. A midlife stress coach can be a valuable resource to help you navigate life transitions and restore your inner balance. Midlife can be an exciting adventure; a path toward a more fulfilling life and a time of deep inner healing, personal growth, and reawakening of ones' true self. Midlife calls us to reflect and look more deeply at the inner-landscape of our existence as we embark upon the next half of our life with wisdom and inner freedom. If you’re ready to experience a healthier and happier life, let's start this journey together!

Replace Stress with Inner Peace and Balance
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Welcome, I’m Dr. K!  I'm a passionate holistic-integrative nurse of 20 years, an educator, researcher, and midlife stress coach for women. My clinical framework combines conventional and ancient healing practices to help women better navigate life transitions and overcome midlife stress and anxiety. Together we will uproot the emotional and physical patterns, and triggers that are contributing to your stress so that you can experience vibrant health and a thriving life!


I integrate a combination of evidence-based alternative stress management strategies including relaxation techniques, meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, therapeutic somatic yoga, and sound healing, into CBT-based stress coaching, which helps my clients identify stressors at the root and make sustainable lifestyle-behavioral changes while developing resilience and restoring balance.

If you are interested in working together or learning more about my holistic approach, I offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit and discuss personalized coaching options.


Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD, RN, MSN, CNE (CEO, Holistic-Integrative Wellness Nurse, Certified Life Coach and Stress Management Consultant, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Yoga Teacher)

Heal Midlife Stress and Anxiety at the Root

Midlife Stress Coaching for Women

The demands of modern midlife, including work pressure, financial stress, and family responsibilities, can be overwhelming. We all experience stress, however when stress becomes persistent, it can have a negative impact on your health, productivity, relationships, and overall well-being. Using various evidence-based strategies, mindfulness techniques and mindset shifts I will help you navigate stress more gracefully and reclaim your inner calm. I take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle and together we will develop a plan to reduce, manage, and eliminate stress in key areas of your life.

5-Star Rated Holistic-Integrative Wellness Services 

 I invite you to join my supportive community of midlife women towards growth, balance and resilience. Make actionable changes that prioritize stress reduction and your emotional and mental well-being. Minimize the impact of stress on your physical health, improve your relationships, improve focus and concentration, enhance your self-awareness and ability to adapt to uncertainty and change.

Energy Medicine-Healing Energetics®

Energy medicine modalities such as Reiki, Acupressure, gentle Yoga, and sound healing help activate the relaxation response and are commonly used for stress and anxiety relief. When your mind is calm, your body feels energized; creating vibrant health and a thriving life. I work with you to identify energetic imbalances in your body and release anxiety and stress from the inside-out.

Reduce Stress and Healthcare Expenses- Start Today!

3 or 6-Month Private Midlife Stress Coaching

Get to the root cause of your stress and stress-related physical symptoms through my private 1:1 coaching program. Through virtual coaching sessions, I help you integrate a variety of evidence-based relaxation strategies, mindfulness techniques, and mindset shifts to relax and retrain your nervous and immune system. Bring back balance, harmony, and rejuvenation to your body, mind, and spirit.

Energy Medicine (Reiki Therapy and Reiki Training)

Trauma, psychological stress, chronic illness, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, and environmental toxins can block vital energy flow; compromising the body's natural resilience and healing capacity.  Reiki calms the nervous system and enhances overall health. As a bioenergy therapy, Reiki is a Japanese evidence-based form of energy healing that utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy—also called qi, prana, chi or mana—to promote relaxation and stress and anxiety reduction. 

Sound Bath Meditations

Tonal vibrations and frequencies from our crystal bowl sound bath meditations reach deep into the cellular and energetic levels that turn on the parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation and attunement of brain waves to a theta like meditative state. The body absorbs the harmonic frequencies and is nourished by them for calming the mind and body. These sound vibrations can also have a profound effect on the health of our immune, lymphatic, circulatory, metabolic and endocrine systems. 

Chinese Medicine- Acupressure for Self-Care

Explore and learn your meridian Acupressure points for relaxation and stress and anxiety relief. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapeutic technique with over 4,000 years of history.  Acupressure utilizes the same medical theory used in acupuncture, however in self- acupressure, gentle pressure is applied to specific locations on the body called “acupoints” or "trigger points" instead of the insertion of an acupuncture needle. Pressure is applied with the fingertips to stimulate the meridian acupoints; the container for Qi or life force energy to aid in relaxing the nervous system and calming the mind and body. 

Therapeutic-Somatic Yoga

Therapeutic Somatic Yoga can be your companion as you form a beautiful connection between calming the mind and body and experiencing inner peace and tranquility. Therapeutic Somatic Yoga is beneficial for people going through midlife transitions, those experiencing daily stressors and need deep relaxation and rest.  Therapeutic Somatic Yoga is also effective for midlife women dealing with perimenopause/menopause symptoms or those recovering from trauma, injuries or illnesses. I specialize in private restorative yoga, chair yoga and slow hatha yoga flow that combines mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.

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Reignite Your Mind, Body & Soul

Through a holistic approach embrace a deep sense of well-being, inner peace, satisfaction, and life fulfillment. Feel reconnected to your body and ability to self-heal naturally. Feel safe to explore and reset your nervous system through various holistic and natural tools.

Go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted to calm and ease. Learn to better navigate stress and experience radiant health, more energy, and better sleep. Shift how you see yourself and respond to life and health challenges with greater inner peace.

Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and the present moment. Uncover conditioned belief patterns and emotional triggers at the root of your stress, pain and anxiety. Heal the past and rediscover your true essence for abundant joy, good health, and total well-being.

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Client Testimonials

S. Camp

Dr. Knight explained everything thoroughly, even though I had Reiki many years ago. Her office is comfortable and a safe place to let go and relax. Her voice is soothing and the treatment was awesome. Everyone's experience is different, but I felt all of the negative energy releasing through my feet. When I left, I was relaxed, calm and my head was clear. I felt grounded and centered. Dr. Knight gave me some papers explaining the process and about chakras. She genuinely cares for her clients' well-being. She followed up after our appointment to see how I was doing and encouraged me to stay in touch with her. I cannot wait for my next appointment.

L. Rozado

I am very pleased with the experience I had with Design and Wellness Center. The website is very educational and the schedule process is so easy. The facility is very clean, organized and peaceful. Dr. Knight is so sweet and professional. She took the time to educate me before and after the Reiki session. I left so in peace and renovated. Thank you Dr. Knight!!

P. Moore

"I have struggled with keeping my blood sugar and blood pressure under control for a long time. Dr. Knights' training and coaching helped me realize that much of this was due to my emotional stress.  Dr. Knight introduced me to meditation, Reiki, breathwork and helped me establish a plan and better eating habits and it has helped me so much. I now feel so much more in control of my stress.  My blood sugars have gone down tremendously too. The last time I visited my doctor, my labs were much better."

J. Lewis

"Due to a long history of high blood pressure and diabetes my kidneys failed. I had to go on dialysis. This was a very uncertain time in my life. I was referred to Dr. Knight by my physician. Dr. Knight set up a spiritual life coaching plan with me to lessen my stress and to take control over my health and to reprioritize time for spiritual self-care. Dr. Knight's extensive nursing knowledge has helped me learn not only how to manage my chronic diseases but she takes into account the holistic healing of her clients. This is really valuable considering I'm a very spiritual person who needed encouragement from someone with a deep level of empathy and compassion. That's Dr. Knight all the way." 

R. M.-Columbia

"I've been practicing yoga for several years, but mainly focused on the physical part. I was introduced to Reiki, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga by Dr. Knight and sessions have helped me reduce my stress and anxiety tremendously and I also am more in-tune with my spiritual side. Physically, I am stronger than before, and mentally, I've become more resilient. Yoga and Reiki help me relieve my stress so that I can be centered and clear headed. I highly recommend the Yoga & Reiki sessions".
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