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Holistic Wellness Coaching

Through a holistic approach, get to the core root of your stress & health challenges and rediscover the whole nature of your being. Learn simple ways to reduce stress and live a balanced healthy lifestyle while aligning with natural methods to help you restore vitality and heal on all levels. 

Energy Healing

Energy medicine is a field of complementary and alternative therapy based on balancing the human energy fields for optimal health and wellness. We provide Healing Energetics® interventions including Reiki Therapy, Acupressure, Sound Healing & other integrative mind-body, relaxation therapies for stress relief.

Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga provides an integrative, healthy way to connect mind, body, and spirit, resulting in improved physical, mental, and emotional health. Through gentle Yoga learn to connect to your body and breath, calm the mind and reprogram your DNA, brain, immune and nervous systems to heal from the inside out.

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A Holistic Approach to Optimizing Your Well-Being

In-Office, Virtual Telehealth & In-Home Integrative-Holistic Nursing Services

As an Holistic-Integrative Private Nursing Practice, we provide in-office, virtual telehealth and in-home integrative therapies which are non-pharmaceutical interventions that reduce stress and promote health and wellbeing. We also provide holistic wellness and stress coaching for individuals suffering from:

  • chronic stress, anxiety, depression

  • burnout or chronic fatigue

  • grief, loss and end-of life support

  • heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and other chronic diseases

  • autoimmune disorders

  • chronic pain or migraines

  • sleep disturbances/insomnia

  • hormonal, weight and digestive issues

  • emotional pain and addictions

  • illness and pre and post surgical recovery 

  • and more

5-Star Rated Holistic Wellness Service in Irmo, SC

Our office is located in the beautiful town of Irmo, SC! Our clients appreciate our mission which is to help you uncover the core root and triggers of your stress, restore your health and vitality, and move you into a more empowered state where healing can take place naturally on all levels. Through a integrative- functional approach we will support you as you make choices essential to your well-being. We listen carefully to your specific concerns for a holistic plan that perfectly suits you and helps you achieve your goals. We offer a safe space to restore and rebalance from stressful events in your life so you can find inner-peace, resilience and live a more joyful life.

Integrative-Holistic  Complementary & Alternative Therapies

With over 20 years of holistic nursing experience, we work in the field of Complementary and Alternative Healing and Energy Medicine specializing in both the education and integrative-interventional methods proven to help ease stress, promote relaxation and restore imbalances related to physical, mental, energetic, hormonal, spiritual and emotional health. During a holistic nurse wellness visit we will assess your overall health in mind, body and spirit including your lifestyle and current level of stress. We will work together to develop a holistic wellness coaching plan and collaborate with your existing doctor and medical team, as you desire, to optimize your health on all levels. 

Happy Family

Are You Ready to Feel Healthy and Whole Again?

Healing begins with you deciding to choose a better life for you and those you love! At Design and Wellness Center we believe that every individual has the natural-innate ability to heal and achieve optimal wellness. We will guide you in experiencing powerful shifts in your level of stress and triggers that may be at the root of your health challenges.

  • Have you been under a lot of stress, anxiety and pressure lately?

  • Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed with emotions, tired most days and experiencing mood swings & irritability?

  • Are you suffering from a health issue, chronic pain, brain fog, weight and digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or not sleeping well at night?

  • Do you find yourself getting sicker even with more medicine, surgeries and treatments? 

  • Do you desire to feel a greater connection and peace with yourself, your loved ones and life in general?

  • Are you curious about holistic treatments that can support your mind, body, spirit and overall health and wellbeing?

Explore integrative therapies that can help bring balance to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We will help you rediscover your healing power that's already within you.

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