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Integrative Wellness Coaching

At Design & Wellness Center we provide 1:1 wellness coaching using an holistic- integrative approach. Through a personalized wellness plan get to the core root of your stress and health challenges. Learn simple- natural ways to feel better, live a healthy balanced lifestyle and resolve imbalances in your body and mind.

Holistic Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing is a field of complementary and alternative therapy based on balancing the human energy fields for optimal health and well-being. We combine modern and ancient energy healing modalities including Reiki Therapy, Acupressure, M-Technique Targeted Massage* and Sound Healing.

Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness

Restorative Yoga provides a mindful and gentle way to connect mind and body in the present moment resulting in less stress and improved physical, mental, and emotional health. Feel more relaxed, grounded, and centered. Reprogram your immune and nervous systems to heal from the inside out naturally.

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Holistic-Integrative Therapies

In-Office and Virtual Holistic Integrative Wellness Services

As an Holistic-Integrative practice, we are delighted to provide individualized wellness support and integrative therapies which are non-pharmaceutical treatments that help reduce stress, build resilience and promote balance. Our integrative therapies can help support:

  • chronic stress, anxiety, trauma, grief and depression

  •  chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders

  • chronic fatigue and chronic pain 

  • sleep disturbances and insomnia

  • brain fog and overthinking

  • hormonal and weight issues

  • digestive/gut issues

  • and more!

5-Star Rated Holistic Wellness Clinic in Irmo, SC

Our office is located in the beautiful town of Irmo, SC! We offer a tranquil calm and safe space for you to relax and enjoy the powerful benefits of holistic therapy and mindfulness. We want to see you well. We listen carefully to your specific concerns and formulate a holistic plan that perfectly suits you and your wellness journey. We will help you move toward a relaxed- balanced state so that you can begin healing from the inside out and creating lifestyle behaviors that are essential to your overall health and well-being.

Integrative-Holistic  Complementary & Alternative Therapies

With 20 years of holistic nursing experience, we work in the field of Complementary and Alternative Healing and Energy Medicine specializing in both the education and integrative methods proven to help ease stress, promote relaxation and restore imbalances related to physical, mental, energetic, hormonal, spiritual and emotional health. We are here to uncover hidden issues that could be making you stressed, sick, or feeling out of balance. 

Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness

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Relax and Recharge

We provide a calming and supportive environment that can help you release stress and bring back balance to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and vitality.

A holistic wellness plan can be customized for your unique needs and may include:


  • Comprehensive integrative health assessments, screenings and evaluations

  • Holistic-Integrative health and wellness coaching

  • Holistic stress management coaching

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

  • Reiki therapy, chakra balance and energy healing

  • Acupressure and Targeted clinical massage*

  • Restorative Yoga 

  • Guided Meditation, guided imagery and mindfulness

  • Crystal Bowl Sound healing and Bio-Tuning

  • Aromatherapy and Essential oils


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Are You Ready to Feel Healthy and Whole Again?

At Design and Wellness Center we take a whole-person approach and believe that every individual has the inner-capacity to self-heal. Experience powerful shifts in your level of stress and triggers that may be at the root of your health challenges.

  • Have you been under a lot of stress, anxiety and pressure lately?

  • Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed with emotions, tired most days and experiencing mood swings & irritability?

  • Are you suffering from a major health issue, chronic pain, brain fog, weight and digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or not sleeping well at night?

  • Do you find yourself getting sicker even with more medicine, surgeries and treatments? 

  • Do you desire to feel a greater connection, balance and peace with yourself, your loved ones and life in general?

  • Are you curious about holistic treatments that can ease stress and help you move toward your life and wellness goals?

Take the first step to turn your health around through self-healing tools. Build a new foundation of wholeness, happiness and joy for yourself and those you love!